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Surf Curse - "Nothing Yet"

Surf Curse's second full length album 'Nothing Yet" is available on LP, Cassette, CD, and Digital Download.

*Second Vinyl Pressing Arriving Soon**

Track Listing

  1. Christine F
  2. Doom Generation
  3. The Strange and the Kind
  4. It Followed Me
  5. Cronenberg
  6. Sleeping
  7. Nostalgia
  8. All is Lost
  9. Falling Apart

Pressing Information

Vinyl: *SOLD OUT**

-First Pressing
-Limited to 100 on Opaque Violet Vinyl w/ rest of pressing on Black Vinyl.
-Includes Poster and Inserts
-Vinyls will be shipping out on January 17, 2017


- High bias dark blue tapes with white ink imprint.
- Feature alternate cassette artwork
- Ships on January 13, 2017


- Digipack fold out CD's
- Ships on January 13, 2017