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Surf Curse - "Buds/Sadboys" (Cassette Reissue) (Back In Stock)

**Back In Stock For A Limited Time**

We are so excited to finally present to you Sadboys/Buds by Surf Curse on limited edition cassette!

Features both 2013 releases from Surf Curse on one tape! One of our all time favorite bands!


Side A. "Buds"
1. Chloe Kelly 2. Bummer Friends
3. Heathers
4. Ponyboy
5. In My Head Till I'm Dead
6. The Smell Saved My Life
7. Goth Babe
8. Freaks
9. Dreamin' Wild
10. Fire Walk With Me

Side B. "Sadboys"(features cassette only bonus demos)
1. Reality Bites
2. Beach Whatever
3. I'm Not Making Out With You
4. Haunt Me
5. Skullder
6. Forever Dumb

Tapes are very limited and will not be repressed for some time.

For International Orders we apologize for the shipping fee. Since we do not have a clear gauge on the shipping price for each country, we have taken a rounded estimate from previous orders for all international shipping.

Please allow 7-10 for shipping since we will be backed up.

Pressing Information

Cassette Info:

First Pressing:
-Limited to 200 tapes online
-1st pressing on translucent blue cassette shells with white ink imprint.
-Features reversible J-card

Second Pressing:
-Limited to 100 blue cassettes.