Surf Curse Tape Discography Bundle

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Available now! Bundle of all of Surf Curse's Recorded work on limited edition cassettes!


-"Buds/ Sadboys"
- "Nothing Yet"

*very limited quantities available*

*Sold out for the time being*

Track Listing

  1. Christine F
  2. Doom Generation
  3. The Strange and the Kind
  4. It Followed Me
  5. Cronenberg
  6. Sleeping
  7. Nostalgia
  8. All is Lost
  9. Falling Apart

Pressing Information

-"Buds/Sadboys" double album cassette pressed on translucent blue tapes w/ white ink imprint
-"Demos" pressed on translucent red tapes w/ black ink imprint
-"Nothing Yet" pressed on dark blue cassette w/ white ink imprint