Glitter Veils - "Figures In Sight" Cassette

We are very excited to present the cassette edition of one of our favorite albums from Australian-based duo Glitter Veils.

LP/Digital available via Flexible Records

Video for "Soft Touch"

Track Listing

  1. Figures in Sight
  2. Gibberish Talks
  3. Caprice
  4. Gossamer Folds
  5. Soft Touch
  6. In The Vein
  7. A Brief Moment
  8. Death Bed Daddy
  9. Old Man
  10. Gibberish Talks (Cedie Janson Remix)
  11. Soft Touch (Marly lüske remix)

Pressing Information

Cassette features all 9 tracks from the debut "Figures In Sight" with two additional remixes.

Limited pressing on gold/red glitter translucent cassettes!