Cobra Man - New Driveway Soundtrack

Cobra Man’s debut LP showcases the wild-ass energy of The Worble skateboarding, perfectly interpreted through the minds of long-haired session musicians of 80’s Los Angeles. This infectious neon celebration will surely freshen your spirits by satisfying your search for classic innovation and fun.

COBRA MAN is Andrew Harris and Sarah Rayne. They are based in North East LA.

Track Listing

  1. Old Driveway
  2. Metal Intro
  3. Dance Intro
  4. Weekend Special
  5. Cookie Intro
  6. Fire
  7. Manramp
  8. Build
  9. Zion
  10. Ditch
  11. Tom
  12. Lazyman
  13. Charley
  14. Ociffer
  15. New Driveway

Pressing Information

DCR070 || Release Date: September 8th, 2017.

Available on LP, CASS, and digital formats via Danger Collective Records + Goner Records