Roidz - FIGHT NIGHT - Cassette

  • Roidz - FIGHT NIGHT - Cassette
  • Roidz - FIGHT NIGHT - Cassette

Roidz - FIGHT NIGHT - Cassette


Available now on Two-Tone Black/White Cassette

Roidz is the dynamic punk recording project of New Zealand songwriter Daniel Smith that examines the emotion and aggression of masculine identity. In the few year since Roidz began as Smith’s outlet for solo noise-pop love songs, the project has evolved into a high energy four piece comprised of Smith, bass and synth player Lachlan Smith, guitarist Rueben Winter, and percussionist Joe Locke. Their new album, FIGHT NIGHT, out 2/22 via Danger Collective Records, is a necessary catharsis for Smith, who for a long time has wanted to critique New Zealand’s hostile male culture. “New Zealand is an incredible place to grow up, but it definitely has its issues.” Smith admits. “There is a male culture existent that is insidious and poisonous. Boys being boys largely means, getting wasted, getting violent, and shutting the fuck up when it comes to talking about anything with more emotion than a rugby loss. I wanted ROIDZ to turn to this side of male culture, and to talk about both the emotion and the violence of being a young man in New Zealand.” FIGHT NIGHT is a huge leap forward for Roidz both sonically and symbolically, capturing the bands visceral live energy while and adding a new layer of depth to Smith’s songwriting.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Potluck
  2. 2. It s So Easy
  3. 3. Charlie
  4. 4. Eating a Roach in El Dorado Nation Park
  5. 5. Pop Song
  6. 6. Fight Night
  7. 7. Eyesore
  8. 8. Animals
  9. 9. TKO
  10. 10. Fanta
  11. 11. TRU LUV (i quit)

Pressing Information

Limited Edition Black/White Cassette - 100

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