Part Time - H.F.M.
$5.00 - $20.00

  • Part Time - H.F.M.
  • Part Time - H.F.M.
  • Part Time - H.F.M.
  • Part Time - H.F.M.

Part Time - H.F.M.
$5.00 - $20.00

2 years ago one of our favorite labels Plastic Response Records released one of our favorite albums H.F.M. by Part Time. It quickly sold out and when we heard talks of an LP edition we gladly hopped on board! We are proud to bring you H.F.M. re-envisioned with brand new art, available for the first time on 2xLP Vinyl in a beautiful gate-fold sleeve with art by NY design company Eye Bodega.

"H.F.M." is 19 tracks collected over a 9 year period, each track telling a story or showing a glimpse of a mans/bands past while simultaneously showing a glimpse of what's to come. It's like assembling puzzle pieces to a puzzle that, although you had no idea what it would look like in the end, turned out to be quite beautiful. Each song in this collection of demos and compositions, spanning from 2006-2014, seems to bring about some nostalgic thought, a moment in time that you can't clearly recall, or a song that seems so familiar.. but you can't quite remember from where or why.."
-Plastic Response Records

Track Listing

  1. Merchandise
  2. Strange Leopards
  3. Mr. What's it Like To Be a Man
  4. The Things You Can't Change
  5. Rubber Room
  6. The Ukraine Shake
  7. She Wonders What It's Like
  8. Sometimes I'm Mean, Sometimes I'm Cruel
  9. Got It Bad
  10. Wars Unseen (Magic World)
  11. Mama's Boy
  12. Shadows of a Cloud
  13. When the Venus is High
  14. Ecstasy to Frenzy
  15. The Death of a Witches Ego (Cry C
  16. Will You Be There
  17. Don't Cry on a Saturday Night
  18. Soft Hours
  19. Warmer Than Sunshine

Pressing Information

-Limited to 100 copies online
-Double LP with one record on black vinyl and the other on opaque white vinyl

-Limited to 75
-White cassette shells with black ink imprint

2XLP and Cassette are shipping out now.

CD Pre-Order. Begins shipping April.

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