Slow Hollows - Actors
$6.00 - $22.00

  • Slow Hollows - Actors
  • Slow Hollows - Actors
  • Slow Hollows - Actors
  • Slow Hollows - Actors

Slow Hollows - Actors
$6.00 - $22.00

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Out Everywhere October 23, 2019

Los Angeles genre-benders Slow Hollows' third album Actors is the sound of a band and its songwriter unburdening themselves of their previous restraints—the fears and insecurities knocking around in any creative person's head while making work that will eventually be consumed by others. A lush, complex album spanning the dusky warmth of indie, the rubbery bounce of dance music, and R&B's soft-focus sensuality, Actors also carries an immediate streak imbued by songwriter/lead singer Austin Anderson and his compatriots, a wide-open exploration of sound as generous as it is intricate.


Austin Anderson
Daniel Fox
Aaron Jassenoff
Jackson Katz
Tyler, the Creator (Production, "Heart")
Chris Taylor (Production, "Heart (Reprise)"
Will Van Boldrik (Production, "Two Seasons""Come Back In" "Cowboy"
Ryan Beatty (Vocals, "Heart")
Michael Blasky (Saxophone, "You Are Now on Fire" "Come Back In"
Gabe Noel (Cello, "Heart [Reprise]"

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Track Listing

  1. Actress
  2. You Are Now On Fire
  3. Heart
  4. Young Man
  5. Two Seasons
  6. Posture
  7. Cowboy
  8. Come Back In
  9. Blood
  10. Get Along
  11. Hell
  12. Heart (Reprise)

Pressing Information

12" Gatefold Vinyl - First Pressing on Red & Clear Swirl Wax

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-Translucent Pink w/ Grey Liners Cassette
-Digipack CD

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