Joe Taylor Sutkowski - Of Wisdom & Folly
$10.00 - $30.00

  • Joe Taylor Sutkowski - Of Wisdom & Folly
  • Joe Taylor Sutkowski - Of Wisdom & Folly
  • Joe Taylor Sutkowski - Of Wisdom & Folly

Joe Taylor Sutkowski - Of Wisdom & Folly
$10.00 - $30.00

Confident in his vision, though unsure of the outcome, the New Jersey-born songwriter Joe Taylor Sutkowski (Dirt Buyer, Jotay) swiftly constructed a new creative outlet to represent his namesake. In spirit and execution, Of Wisdom & Folly was an effortless and imaginative adventure for Sutkowski as a songwriter. For 10 consecutive mornings, he wrote and recorded a demo for the album, employing only vocals and a nylon-string guitar. “Everything just kind of poured out,” he recalls. “It was as if I already knew what I was going to say once the guitar part was finished.” The characters’ narratives began to intersect and he began to find his stride in telling their stories.

With not a single song passing the three-minute mark, Of Wisdom & Folly is as unassuming as its characters, giving brief and intimate glimpses into the corners of Sutkowski’s rich imagination. Of Wisdom & Folly ends where it began, with Jordan the bottle rocket, the final moments a sonic representation of his launch. In a mix of shining characters and silly moments, Sutkowski’s writing remains established, prepared for an ascension of its own.

Track Listing

  1. Jordan Was A Little Bottle Rocket
  2. Sherry Had A Pretzel Head
  3. Never Wanna See You Go
  4. Old Spirit Lungs
  5. The Water, It Turned Us to Gold
  6. Brother John
  7. Steven Dog
  8. Ada, Take The Socks Off The Bed
  9. Keep Your Voices Down
  10. What Luck, Goodbye

Pressing Information

-First pressing on white shell cassette with black ink imprint
-Limited to 150

Long Sleeve Shirt + Cassette Bundle:
-White Gildan 100% Heavy Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt (Available in sizes Small-XXL)
-Includes Cassette copy of Of Wisdom & Folly, Long Sleeve Shirt, and Digital Download

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