thanks for coming - You Haven't Missed Much Cassette

  • thanks for coming - You Haven't Missed Much Cassette
  • thanks for coming - You Haven't Missed Much Cassette

thanks for coming - You Haven't Missed Much Cassette

thanks for coming is the songwriting project of Rachel Brown (they/them), one half of the duo Water From Your Eyes. Brown started recording music alone in Chicago during high school (their first Bandcamp release bares the description "I wrote these songs instead of doing homework") and they have continued to release music on their Bandcamp, which now hosts almost 80 thanks for coming releases, with their latest album, Rachel Jr., coming out on Brown's 25th birthday in early 2022.

You Haven't Missed Much, it's cover is a collage of pictures of Brown sourced by asking their Twitter followers to draw them from memory, that compiles fourteen songs handpicked by Brown from their prolific Bandcamp catalog.

The compilation is a snapshot of Brown as a songwriter, exploring a wide range of styles and instrumentation, but consistently capturing their singular perspective. Their sense of humour shines through in many places, but there's an emotional intelligence and vulnerability in their writing that is arresting when paired with their knack for pop melody, a quality that "Plagiarizer", with its spare arrangement of guitar and double-tracked vocals, neatly captures.

"This song is just summing up my existence as a vaguely Catholic songwriter who is always in the middle of making a mistake," Brown says of the song. "Honestly, I feel like all the best songs have already been written and I’m just showing up late to the party because I have no other way to express my inner emotional world, which is unfortunately quite mundane and mostly revolves around falling in and out of love too quickly and my consistently losing battle against my insecurities and self-doubt. I’d probably be better off if I just texted my friends back or saw my therapist more regularly, but at the end of the day it’s all fine, because this is the body I’ve been born into and I’m fortunate to have my life and my friends and my family and the rest that comes with it, even the parts that make me feel a little too heavy sometimes. I’m coming to terms with being and I’m trying really hard to keep growing into myself."

Track Listing

  1. Stephen Hawking's Goldfish Analogy (Demo)
  2. Losing Touch (NYC)
  3. My Name
  4. Plagiarizer
  5. Have a Good One
  6. Missed Connections
  7. My Keys Were In My Pockets
  8. Panic
  9. Yr Kind of Cool
  10. Universe
  11. U R Not Sick, Yr Electric (Demo)
  12. Belief in a World of Doubt
  13. Me, Missing You
  14. Niagara Falls (Demo)

Pressing Information

-Clear cassette shell w/ white ink imprint
-Limited to 200 copies
-Includes digital download

**Orders will begin shipping on 1/16/2023**

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