Slow Hollows - Romantic (Vinyl)
$20.00 - $25.00

  • Slow Hollows - Romantic (Vinyl)
  • Slow Hollows - Romantic (Vinyl)

Slow Hollows - Romantic (Vinyl)
$20.00 - $25.00

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Romantic by Slow Hollows is now available on 12" vinyl.

All Songs by Slow Hollows

Drums on tracks 3-9 by Nick Santana
Additional Vocals on track 9 by Pageants
Trumpet by Daniel Fox
Saxophone by Jeremy Trezone
Produced by Tabor Allen and Devin O'Brien

Track Listing

  1. Spirit Week
  2. Again
  3. Easy
  4. 4141
  5. Softer
  6. Hospital Flowers
  7. Luxury of Lull
  8. Last Dance
  9. Romantic

Pressing Information

First Pressing on Translucent Coke Bottle Clear Wax

Cover Art by Meredith Wilson

Features a Gatefold Jacket with additional art and inserts designed by Matthew James Wilson.

Limited Pressing 10" vinyl on lathe cut records (sound quality is less clear then standard vinyl)

-Last copies signed by the band

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